Best Video Players For Windows 10/8/7 in 2024

A good PC video player must meet certain minimum requirements. On the one hand, it must be able to reproduce all kinds of formats, and on the other hand, it must have a good set of functionalities. What are the best for smooth and smooth video viewing from a Windows computer?

Basics: What is a Video Codec?

Before going into flour, it would be advisable to talk a little about the codecs. When we watch a video we use what are commonly known as codecs. The word codec comes from the union of the Anglo-Saxon terms “coder” and “decoder”. Basically, it is a program that is in charge of encoding (compressing) and decoding (reproducing from a compressed medium) an audio and video multimedia file.

There are different codecs for each type of data. Thus, video codecs are responsible for processing sequential images and audio codecs do the same with sounds. In this way we make use of both types of codecs.

One of the most important factors in a codec is its simplicity and speed in data processing. If a codec is too heavy, or our device is not powerful enough, the playback will be burdened and we will have cuts or crashes.

Top 10 video players for Windows 10/8/7 in 2024

To decode audio / video files we usually use media players, media players, or as everyone usually knows them: video players. These are 10 of the most outstanding that we can currently find in Windows.

VLC Media Player

If we talk about the best video players for PC we should definitely mention VLC. If you are thinking of using a player other than the one that comes standard in Windows, it should probably be this one.

It practically reproduces what you throw at it, it is free, open-source and it also has countless features:

  • Available on virtually all operating systems.
  • Read subtitles.
  • Constant updates and a large community of users.
  • Play 360-degree and 8K videos.
  • Allows you to play content online and online.
  • You can also read in DVD format.
  • It has extensions to offer more functionalities.


PotPlayer is one of the few players that is still compatible with Windows XP. It also supports Windows 7/8/10, one of its best assets being the fact that it does not consume too many resources.

  • Allows hardware acceleration for a better experience.
  • Various 3D-oriented functionalities.
  • It supports a large number of codecs (and if it doesn’t download them automatically).
  • Customizable (support for skins).
  • Minimalist design.
  • Allows you to download subtitles for video files.

5K Player

5K Player is more than just a video player. In addition to playing local files, it allows you to play streaming video and listen to the radio. It is free, yes, but with some announcements of products belonging to the same company that we will meet along the way.

  • Lets you download YouTube videos.
  • DLNA / AirPlay support
  • 4K / 5K video playback.
  • HEVC / H.264 decoding.

GOM Media Player

Gretech Media Player is one of the best free video players for Windows. It supports the most common audio and video formats (MP4, FLV, AVI, MOV). Anyway, if we have a file that it doesn’t recognize, we can always use its integrated codec finder to get out of the jam.

  • Speed control, A-B repetitions, screenshots …
  • Skins customizable appearance.
  • You can connect to the database to get subtitles.
  • Compatible with older computers running Windows XP.

ACG Player

This excellent video player for Windows is only available through the Microsoft Store. It is a UWP application, which means that it is also compatible with tablets and supports gesture control. It is free, although it contains ads (something we can avoid by making an in-app purchase).

  • It supports a large number of formats, including 360-degree video files.
  • Sound and video effects.
  • Online streaming.
  • It can be used as a multimedia server.


The quintessential multimedia center. Not only does it play any type of video locally, but it also has a large number of add-ons or add-ons to expand its possibilities to infinity and beyond. Initially it was called XBMC (Xbox Media Center) and it was included in the first Xbox. A classic, open source and free.

  • We can synchronize it with Netflix, YouTube and many other online streaming services.
  • Supports subtitle download.
  • Lets watch TV online.
  • Compatible with a multitude of formats.

Media Player Classic

It looks like the old video player that came standard on Windows, the Windows Media Player (although it is a completely different program). Its clear and simple interface aims to offer a light and efficient experience. Simple and at the same time, one of the best free players that we can find in 2019 for Windows 7/8/10.

  • It has a portable version that does not require installation.
  • Customizable using skins and toolbars.
  • 100% free and ad-free.

UM Player

The biggest virtue of Universal Media Player is that it is really light. Perfect for old equipment or that do not have many resources.

  • Free open source video player.
  • Supports a wide variety of codecs and formats.
  • It allows to play media from external sources such as YouTube and the like.

DivX Player

Many people think that this video player only serves to play a very specific format. The truth is that it supports a wide variety of video formats. DivX Player is specially designed to play HEVC videos as well as high definition videos.

  • Multimedia server for devices with DLNA support.
  • Lets you create playlists.
  • Multitude of options for audio playback.

KM Player

KM Player is a Chinese video player developed by PandoraTV that has been on the market for years. It started without a lot of specs, but today it has a nice package of tools and features. It is one of the best rated players by Windows users. Plus, it’s free and 100% ad-free.

  • Supports high resolution videos in QHD and UHD.
  • You don’t need overly powerful equipment.
  • Supports 3D videos.

What can I do if my player doesn’t play a video?

Once we have our player installed on the computer, we may find that it is not capable of playing a certain video. The causes can be varied, and we must bear in mind that it is not always the fault of the software that we have just installed:

Incompatible codec: In some cases the player cannot play a video because it does not support the file format used, or because the codec used to compress the video is not compatible. To solve the problem we can install a codec pack for Windows 10, such as the K-Lite Codec Pack (one of the most complete) or convert the video file to a different format.

Frozen: If the video is paused inadvertently, the image is frozen. This occurs when there has been a cut during downloading or copying the video and it is incomplete. The solution is to re-download the video.

Black screen: If the image disappears and we see it all white or all black, it is usually an indication that the file is corrupted. To fix it we can use a repair program like Yodot Repair, or pull online repair utilities like ESTA.

Distorted sound: In this case we would also be faced with a damaged file and the solution would also be to repair the video.

Top 10 AAA Mobile Games with Best HD Graphics of 2024

Uncontrolled power is useless. So even if a game looks spectacular, it won’t be much without solid gameplay on which to rely. That said, HD mobile games are the order of the day, and some already have graphics that rival even those of the consoles themselves.

If you have a high-end phone, with a good GPU and a large and colorful screen, you may want to try one of these AAA games for Android. Titles where good graphics prevail, yes, but with a gaming experience at the height that is worth it.

Top 10 AAA Mobile Games with Best HD Graphics of 2024

Next, we have tried to bring together games of different genres, both adventure, like RPGs, arcades and shooting games. Without a doubt it is a quite subjective list, so do not hesitate to leave your opinion in the comments area with your personal recommendations.

Asphalt 9: Legends

We start with one of my favorites. I’m a fan of racing arcades, like the classic Blur on PS3. This Asphalt has the same essence: stunning graphics and crazy gameplay that takes you away from simulation for pure and simple fun. Best of all, it is not necessary to have a mobile from the ciborium to enjoy it. One of the best graphics games for Android, without a doubt.

Cover Fire

A shooter of a lifetime, but with graphics that take your breath away. This wonder for mobile devices has more than 60 offline missions and various game modes, including multiplayer. One of the best rated AAA games for Android by the community, with a 4.7 star rating and more than 10 million downloads.

Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises is a fairly generic and linear action RPG, but often visually stunning: simply stunning. To take your breath away. The great incentive, apart from the graphics, is the great level of customization that we can apply to our character, where we can choose between 4 basic classes: warrior, assassin, sorcerer and barbarian. A hack’n’slash where we will have to defeat waves of enemies with our ax, sword or spells, to the sound of beautiful and highly polished visuals. Highly recommended if we have a terminal with a powerful CPU and a good AMOLED screen.

Injustice 2

The sequel to “Injustice: Gods among us” maintains everything that made its predecessor great. A fighting game with 3v3 battles with some of the best DC comics characters like Superman, Flash, Batman or Green Lantern. Although the gameplay is adapted to mobile devices, in essence it is very similar to its console version. The graphics are very attractive, with special movements and spectacular attacks.

Rival Knights

Also known as “Duel of Knights” is one of the best HD adventure games for Android. Developed by the well-known Gameloft, it is a vertical game in which we must fight against other hairs in a duel with lance and horse. A medieval title capable of making the most of your smartphone with its 3D animations and quite original and fun game dynamics.

PUBG Mobile

If we are looking for a title that can take advantage of our hardware, that is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The popular shooter that sparked the fever for battle royale also has a free version for mobile. More than 100 million downloads and a fairly good rate of updates with interesting news from time to time to keep the flame of this excellent survival game alive.

Bike Unchained 2

If you like typical racing games with mobile bikes and motorcycles, but are looking for something a little more realistic, take a look at this title. Developed by Red Bull, the second installment of Bike Unchained offers mountain bike racing with real riders, lots of stunts, and diverse natural settings. A different and fun sports game.

Shadowgun Legends

A shooter with a lot of color and an impressive visual section. A game that will remind AAA console classics like Halo and Destiny, with that futuristic touch and some “over the top” graphics. It is a free title with in-app purchases of cosmetic items, but the “chicha” of the game is concentrated in the single player campaign mode.

Sdorica Sunset

A real candy for the eyes. After 4 years of development Rayark Games has released this little gem with really beautiful designs and atmospheres. If you love anime and fantasy worlds with that slight “Studio Ghibli” twist, check out this RPG. You will not be disappointed. The 2D animation scenes and the soundtrack are unmissable.

Lineage 2: Revolution

One of the best games to exploit the graphic power of our high-end smartphone. We are facing the mobile version of the well-known Korean MMORPG, with impressive visual watermarks that explode in epic battles of up to 200 players in real time. All this with a beautiful rendering running under the Unreal Engine 4 engine. If our phone holds it and we are fans of the genre, it is a game that we should definitely try at least once.

In addition to these games that we have just discussed, we also find other titles for Android with excellent graphics:

The Elder Scrolls: Blades: Bethesda is one of the heavyweights of the video game industry, and this Elder Scrolls for mobile has excellent gameplay, as well as the most polished three-dimensional graphics we can find on Android. | Download on Google Play

Metal Madness: A different game, halfway between the typical shooter and the arcade racing games. If you are looking for something different and a lot of fun, you should definitely check it out. | Download on Google Play

Left to survive: A first person survival shooter packed with zombies. It has two game modes: a solo one where we must fight against the undead and then another 2 against 2 player mode, which makes the adventure much more interesting compared to the classic zombie game of a lifetime. | Download on Google Play

Call of Duty: Mobile: CoD is the largest franchise of first person shooter games. Since Call of Duty: Mobile made its appearance on mobile devices, it has been an instant success. | Download on Google Play

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade: This is one of several Warhammer 40,000 games available on the Play Store. A delight on a visual level, essential for fans of the Warhammer universe. | Download on Google Play.

Final Word:

We are sure that we leave several games in the pipeline, like Dragon Ball Legends, Tekken or Dead Trigger, which are also quite worthwhile. What do you think is the mobile game with the best graphics of the moment?

How to Increase Internet Speed in Windows 10

In this article we will see some tricks to use to increase Internet speed in Windows 10. Although it will also be applicable to practically any computer and operating system. The Internet connection is something that today is practically essential to work and use our equipment. surely many times we have been offline and have found absolutely nothing to do from our computer or Smartphone.

This is why, in addition to having a connection, the most important thing is that this connection goes as smoothly as possible within our possibilities. We must say that the options that we propose here are not going to optimize a connection that is already slow in itself, among other things because in most cases this depends more on the devices and the physical connection than on our operating system.

Anyway, we find it interesting to share this information with all readers to give useful ideas about this topic. The idea is also for this guide to be optimized and completed over time in case utilities come out that are really useful or new ideas.

Type of internet connection I have at home

The first thing we must identify is the type of connection we have at our home. Depending on it, we can get an idea of what speed we have and what speed we really should have. Each connection will have its own limitations and characteristics, and we may not even be able to do anything to improve it except purchase a new package


The ADSL connection is the classic connection that we have through a common telephone line that we have in practically all our homes to speak on the landline.

With this connection we could reach up to 50 Mb theoretical via VDSL, although it depends a lot on how far we are from a repeater plant. The most common is we find between 20 and 30 Mbe from another company.

Fiber optic or coaxial cable connection

The fiber optic connection is the one currently being implemented in practically all major cities and towns. We will have much greater speed, although the cost will be higher.

The speeds offered by companies are between 50 Mb basic and up to 500 Mb for users with greater possibilities. There are also already 1 Gb connections, although it’s strange to find for now.

Satellite connection

This type of connection will be available to those users where the cable connection is not good enough to have it. Both in ADSL and, of course, in fiber optics.

The characteristic of this connection we will find quickly if we see in our home a cable that ends in an antenna installed somewhere in the house.

Currently the speeds are around 20 Mb and even 50 Mb, except for WiMax-type connection that can exceed these records considerably.

Other types of wireless networks

If we do not have any of this and we live quite isolated from population centers, what we will surely have are wireless connections similar to the previous one with very variable speeds and quite dependent on the weather and the obstacles that we have until the access point

In any case, we should take a look at the roles of the contract to see what speed we have contracted, both down and up.

How to measure my internet speed and latency

Considering then the theoretical connection that we have, it is necessary to verify for ourselves which speed is the one that really arrives.

To see this speed what we will have to do is access a speed test of those that circulate on the Internet.

Measure to latency

In addition to the upload and download speed, we can also measure the latency of our connection. This measures the time it takes for a package to travel from our equipment to the destination and then return. The better our connection the better the latency.

To consider a good connection we would have to have a latency of between 10 and 40 milliseconds.

Speed of our Wi-Fi

We will also have the possibility to measure the speed of our Wi-Fi to know if we are experiencing the bottleneck due to it.

Tricks to increase Internet speed on our computer

Given the preliminary checks, we fully enter the different options that we will have to improve our internet connection.

Physical limitations

The first thing we must consider are the physical limitations of our connection

Contracted speed Mb or MB

The contracted speed is essential in the result we obtain. We can distinguish two numerical values to define a connection. These are on the one hand the Megabits per second or Mbps and on the other the Megabytes per second or MB / s. They are very different, note that one letter is in lowercase and another in uppercase.

To distinguish these measures at all times you have to know that 1 MB is equivalent to 8 Mb. So, if they have a connection of 300 Mbps and we are doing a download test that shows us some results of 20 MB / s, what we have to do is the conversion of the units. In this way 300/8 = 37.5 MB, that is, our connection could work at 37MB / s and we have obtained 20MB so we are not reaching the maximum of it.

Although we must say that almost never will we get what the companies promise us


The condition of the connection cable is very important, if it is very old or heavily used, it may have lost performance. The cables are divided into several categories: 5, 5e, 6, 6e and 7. The higher the cable, the better. We recommend that this be at least category 5e. This code will be printed on the plastic cable sheath every certain distance.

We must also know that the longer the cable, the more losses we will obtain.

Obstacles in Wi-Fi antennas

To obtain a good Wi-Fi connection, we must avoid obstacles such as walls between the equipment and the router antenna. Also, the farther we are the worse the connection will be.

Own router or network card

If we have an old router or the one that the company gives us, it surely leaves a lot to be desired in terms of performance. This is why if we do not want limitations of this type what we will have to do is identify the router model we have and see if it is bad or good. In the same way we must ensure that our network card is not very old by checking by the brand and model what benefits we will get from it.

Get the most out of our network card

In almost any computer we have, very possibly we have an internal 1 Gbps network card that will be the one that comes on our motherboard. If we also have a card installed through an expansion card, it may be even more powerful, reaching up to 10 Gbps.

We have a way to get the most out of it, although where we will most notice it is in connections within our LAN and if we have a powerful Switch or router. What we will have to do is configure the Speed & Duplex parameter of it.

Through this method we will get the most out of the network card, at least.

Configure DNS server for our connection

What the DNS server does in our connection is to translate the names that we put in the browser into IP addresses to connect to the websites that we request.

This is why, if we have a good DNS server configured, we will be gaining speed in terms of the time it takes to resolve the site name and obtain the connection.

To know how to change the DNS server of our connection, we also have already made a tutorial that teaches you absolutely everything, even the best DNS servers.

Choosing the best internet browser

On the network we have numerous browsers available through which we can access the internet from our computer. You will have realized that, being the main interface through which we access the network, it must be as fast as possible to load pages and others.

Among the best browsers of the moment are:

  • Mozilla Firefox: the well-known web browser of the fox brand is today the one with the best management of both RAM and CPU memory, although it is not the fastest opening pages.
  • Microsoft Edge: Despite being the property of Windows and automatically not trusting its features, the truth is that it is one of the best-optimized browsers for connections at the moment. This browser is one of the fastest to open.
  • Google Chrome: Google’s browser has become the first choice for many of us. And they have a basis since it is the one that opens the web pages the fastest
  • Opera: Other browsers chosen by far is Opera, this is also one of the fastest to open web pages and best performs its function.

We leave it up to everyone to try them to see which one they like the most and offer better benefits.

Check if someone steals your Wi-Fi

Another thing that may be obvious but that we never think about. Is someone stealing internet from us through our WiFi?

There is three evidences that Wi-Fi may be stolen from us and that we can verify it ourselves:

Slower connection

Earlier we indicated how to perform a speed test on the Wi-Fi network. Through this or simply because we do not notice, we will surely experience a slow connection if we connect to Wi-Fi and it is stealing our bandwidth.

WLAN router light

Another way to know if this is happening is to disconnect all connections from wireless devices to our router. Don’t forget about laptops or Smartphone. Now check if the Light indicating that the WLAN is active and blinking. If so, you already know that someone else is connected to your router

Foolproof method enter your router

If you have access to your router, what you have to do is enter from your web browser to it and look for a section that says something like “Connected devices” that possibly brings your computer.

If not, browse its WLAN options and check if there is somewhere a list of devices with MAC addresses in a table.

To access your router we must open a CMD window and type IPConfig. We must identify our adapter as “Ethernet Ethernet Adapter” or “WLAN Adapter”. Now we must identify the line “Default gateway”.

We put that IP address in our browser and immediately the router will request a password. Possibly have the user “admin” or “1234” and the password “password”, “admin” or “1234” if we have not bought it ourselves. If neither works we should call our internet provider and ask them.

We recommend changing this password to a personalized one from within the router and also enable WPA2 encryption and change the Wi-Fi password.

Disable or close network consuming programs

Another way to check if our bandwidth is being used by programs that we have installed is by going to the Windows task manager.

To do this, we right-click on the desktop taskbar and choose the “Task Manager” option. Once opened, click on “More details” to enlarge this window.

Now we are located on the “processes” tab and we will see a list of programs with different columns of information. we must identify the “Red”. There we can see which programs are taking bandwidth.

If we click on one of them with the right button we can close it.

Select best channel for Wi-Fi

This section is somewhat subjective, since many less current equipment do not have a connection band higher than 2.4 GHz.

Basically what it is about in this section to connect our device to the fastest channel available in our router. In general, we will have two types of channels available:

2.4 Ghz channel: this channel will allow a maximum connection of 400 Mbps or what is the same, 50MB per second. Older computers will only have this option on their Wi-Fi cards

5 GHz channel: this channel allows a connection of up to 1700 Mbps, so if our team has it, it is recommended to use it.

Normally, today’s routers automatically manage these channels, so we will not have to do anything. But in other cases the router will have two types of connections marked precisely by these two values. Whenever we can, we should choose the 5 GHz

We can also manage this within the router in the corresponding section.

LAN connection better than WLAN

Whenever we can, we must connect to our equipment through an ethernet cable to our router. This will allow us to obtain the maximum available bandwidth and the best latency.

The Wi-Fi signal introduces latency and if we can only connect to a 2.4 GHz channel we will also be limited to 50MB

Final Word

If these programs have something bad, it is that, instead of better our connection, what it does is make it worse, due to the constant queries to the network that they make. This is why, if you have one installed, possibly in the long run, you have more problems than advantages. These are gaps in the things that we must take into account to increase the speed of the Internet. We will try to continue expanding this guide to offer the maximum possible solutions.